Education Research Resources

Why Is Educational Research So Important?

Educational research improves the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and evaluation and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results. Research gives practitioners and policymakers essential knowledge to use in making decisions on behalf of students. The goals are to integrate the best available research evidence with the wisdom of professionals, to support the use of relevant, well-designed research to develop and evaluate educational services, and to better understand student development and learning by meeting the following objectives:

  • sharing research knowledge with education professionals;
  • helping educators understand and use educational research;
  • promoting collaboration between practitioners and researchers;
  • encouraging researchers to conduct high quality studies that answer important questions for the educational field;
  • using educational research to influence public policy; and
  • promoting the development of a new generation of education researchers.

As an educational consultant (teacher, instructional coordinator, staff developer, grant writer and building administrator), I have worked on several projects for individuals and school districts, such as writing research proposals and community action plans as well as conducting program reviews and best practice studies. My strong research, writing, analytical and organization skills, professional demeanor, and in-depth knowledge of teaching and learning enable me to work well independently – with little supervision and with good judgment – and to collaborate effectively with others.

  • Educational Consultant/Researcher for Individuals (Graduate Students and Dissertation/Doctoral Candidates)
    If you are an overworked professional or student who is pressed for time, I can help you to gather and/or synthesize the best current educational research in your field of study. With an undergraduate degree in English and advanced degrees in human awareness and development, the humanities, and school leadership, I specialize in literacy, literature and the arts, and modern social and cultural studies, but I have acquired extensive research experience in both the arts and sciences. I can provide the educational research for your topic independently or we can work together to use the on-line library resources of the college or university you attend. I will tailor my services to meet your specific needs.
  • Developing Educational Research-Based Programs & Writing Research Proposals (Curriculum Coordinators, Building Administrators and Instructional Leaders [Teachers and Administrators])
    Many schools and school districts lack the organized educational research on school effectiveness that they need in order to select programs and practices to meet their specific program improvement and implementation needs. Critical program features, implementation and training requirements, program costs, program-delivery systems, program impacts, and a host of other relevant factors necessary to enable schools to make informed choices are also needed. If you need help writing research proposals and/or gathering, synthesizing and applying educational research to the development of learner-centered programs and projects with the goal of improving student learning, I am the educator for you. Over the years, I have developed, obtained funding for and implemented engaging multi-disciplinary projects for elementary, secondary and adult students. Many of these projects provided teachers with opportunities to conduct action research and to assess project effectiveness through multiple forms of formative and summative assessment. Case studies have shown that involvement of trainers and teachers in originating and developing innovations is necessary if they are to become widespread and influential. Innovation requires changing the behavior of an existing population.