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As a professional research consultant, I have conducted educational research and reporting for the Rochester City School District; three examples of my work are described below:

  • RCSD Magnet School Program Review (2002)

    Working with the Managing Director of Strategic Planning, I helped to develop a cross section of program reviews to support the budget process. I played an instrumental role in salvaging the fledgling magnet program by meeting time-sensitive requests for program reviews for the Board of Education and senior District staff with insight and quickness of response.

  • RCSD Best Practice Study (2005)

    Working for the Chief Planning Officer, I synthesized best practice educational research and applied it to a study of two high performing District elementary schools. Using my excellent program management and analytical skills, I understood, established, and followed action plans and timelines; coordinated and facilitated meetings and site visits; attained proscribed results; drew reasoned conclusions; formulated appropriate recommendations for students and teachers; resolved problems; and arrived at administratively and instructionally sound solutions for students and teachers.

  • RCSD Rochester Children’s Zone Community Plan (2007)

    Hired by the Rochester City School District, I co-wrote the Rochester Children’s Zone Community Plan, a plan that included 40 multi-year objectives and more than 190 strategies developed by eight working teams, a Strategy Team, and a Strategy Team Subcommittee. The Community Plan represented the culmination of the first four phases of the planning process and hundreds of hours of volunteer work. The completion of these four phases of the planning process—design of the planning process, vision development, problem and asset identification, solutions/related research phase (strategy formulation)—also represented the transition of outside facilitation and process expertise (from the Interaction Institute for Social Change to Future Search) ultimately to the Rochester Children’s Zone, Inc.

Click here for a PDF of the Rochester Children’s Zone “It Takes a Vision to Raise a Child” Community Plan